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The Best Modern Shakespeare Adaptations

There are so many good Shakespeare adaptations and retellings. Here are 12 of the best, adapted from 12 of his most famous plays.

Let’s Talk About Foundation And That Trailer

I read Isaac Asimov's Foundation series as a teen but didn't think I was interested in watching the show, until I saw the Foundation trailer.

Get To Know Satyajit Ray: Bookish Polymath Extraordinaire

Get to know Bengali writer and filmmaker Satyajit Ray, along with a sampling of his stories and films available in translation.

Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar Fantasy Books To Be Adapted for TV

The creator of EastSiders and the author of Charlotte Holmes are adapting the Last Herald-Mage trilogy in the Valdemar universe to start.

No More New Episodes of Arthur

Children's animated series Arthur will conclude with the 25th season, but episodes will continue to be available on PBS Kids.

Kumail Nanjiani to Star in HOMELAND ELEGIES Adaptation

The BIG SICK star will also executive produce, and HOMELAND ELEGIES author Ayad Akhtar will co-write the limited series adaptation.

10 Book Adaptations You Can Watch This Summer

2021 is the year for book adaptations! This summer, 10 movies/shows are coming out, and they're all are based on popular books!

Racebending in Superhero Adaptations, 2001-2021

Here are the characters whose race changed from the comics to the movie adaptation and what that says about diversity in superhero movies.

13 Movie and TV Adaptations of Horror Books and Where to Stream Them

Grab your popcorn and a flashlight! Here are horror movies and TV shows based on books plus where to stream them right now, including The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo.

A Reaction to SHADOW AND BONE From a Fan of the Books