Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer


Love and Action: Activism in Romance

Check out these romances about activism and swoon to stories about people who want to do what’s right, and doing it while falling in love.

Angry About Anti-Choice Legislation? Read These Books.

Memoirs about experiences with abortion, ethical arguments from abortion providers, how to survive a post-Roe America, and more.

Remembrance Day Books to End War

In honor of those who hoped the First World War would actually be the War to End All Wars, here Remembrance Day books that envision a demilitarized future.

9 Books to Encourage Your Baby to Be an Activist

Prepare the kid in your life to confront obstacles, and to be aware of social issues, with these children's books about activism.

So You Want to Be Woke: A Reading Guide for White People

This is a woke reading guide for people who want books about race to help them further understand a complex issue that affects us all.

5 Books To Read After #MarchForOurLives

While there is a large amount of non-fiction concerning the dismantling of gun rhetoric in the US, these five book reflect by the inclusivity of the #MarchForOurLives

Teen Guides to Activism

Young people are becoming more heard in issues that affect them: gun violence, climate change, sexism, police brutality, and more. Here are a few teen guides to activism to encourage safe and effective protesting and change-making.

A Nonviolence Reading List

Celebrate November 8th by brushing up on your nonviolent protest practices in preparation for the next mass act of civil disobedience!

Building a Resistance Kit, A Book At A Time

Last weekend, Jenn found some books to add to her survival and resistance shelf.

Action Item: Funding Classroom Libraries in Flint, Michigan

Do some good by providing books to classrooms in Flint, Michigan.