Riot Headline COVID-19 Updates from the Bookish World


Action Item: Diverse Classroom Libraries in SD & MD

Donate to these public classroom libraries!

Action Item: Classroom Libraries in MA and CA

Do some good by sending books to classrooms in need!

Are Libraries Doomed? How Libraries are Funding Themselves

How libraries are attempting to raise their funding and provide necessary services in the face of Trump's budget cuts.

15 Ways To Be A Literary Advocate

15 ways you can practice literary advocacy right in your own community.

Literary Activism: Writopia Lab

Learn about Writopia Lab, a space where children and teens can take writing workshops in all genres.

Action Item: Bilingual Dictionaries in CA & Robotics in ME

Do some bookish good by sending books to public classrooms in need.

Action Item: Literacy Activities and a Classroom Library in NY and CA

Bookish good you can do today.

Action Item: Lego Storystarter in Kansas & Read for Refugees

Bookish good you can do today.

Children’s Books for the Resistance

Socially conscious children's books!

Libraries Resist: A Round-Up of Tolerance, Social Justice, & Resistance in US Libraries

US libraries showcase their commitments to inclusivity, social justice, tolerance, and more.

When Your Reading Life Falls Apart

When public or personal events entirely change your reading life, what do you do?

Feminist Bookstores & Small Acts of Resistance

Feminist bookstores have a lot to teach us about how to survive and make change under Trump. Here are some ideas.

Social Justice Things I Need (More Of) In YA

A request for more YA featuring teens protesting and having hard conversations.

What Rioters Read When We Need To Remember The Fight Is Worth It

Books to get you fired up or to remind you that activism is worth it.

Don’t Think You’re a Feminist? Read Gloria Steinem’s MY LIFE ON THE ROAD.

“What seems to be one thing from a distance is very different close up,” writes Gloria Steinem in the preface ...