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#A Christmas Carol

Inequality and Want: Scenes From A CHRISTMAS CAROL

A roundup of quotes from A CHRISTMAS CAROL on the themes of inequality and want.


A brief history of the story behind Charles Dickens's A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

6 A CHRISTMAS CAROL Retellings Reimagining the Classic Ghost Story

These six A CHRISTMAS CAROL retellings find a diverse variety of Scrooge stand-ins from teen girls to Charles Dickens himself.

Quiz: Which Holiday Sourpuss Are You?

Can't stand the holidays? Neither can these literary characters! Take our quiz to find out which holiday sourpuss you're most like!

How To Pick Out Books for Acquaintances

Worried about Secret Santa season? Don't fear--we've got some tips to help you choose gifts for acquaintances and win the bookish gift giving game.

Cracking the Names Behind A Christmas Carol

A Dickens scholar explains the meaning behind the names in Dickens's A CHRISTMAS CAROL

Anatomy of a Scene: When Love is Gone, The Muppet Christmas Carol

There are, per Wikipedia, a combined forty-eight television and film adaptations of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. I knew I ...

12 Christmas Stories to Listen to on Spotify

One of my favorite holiday traditions is re-reading Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, usually on Christmas Eve (or Eve Eve), which ...

Why Autumn Belongs to Ray Bradbury

Put on your fashion boots, whimsically wrap up in your best scarf, admire that beautiful burnt sienna crayon in your ...

15 Phenomenal Bookish Ornaments

I’ve been ornament shopping lately, ladies and gentlemen, and I have found myself happily lingering in the bookish ornament section ...

Book Style: A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens

  (Click the image to see all the items!) Oh, A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens’ classic novel has been published ...

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dickens?

There are literally thousands of images taken from books in the public domain that have been scanned and shared with ...

In Praise of the Audio Re-Read

Through Book Riot’s relationship with Audible, the leading provider of audiobooks, Book Riot readers who are new to Audible can ...

Book Riot Reads A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens

Josh Corman wrote a great post about starting a holiday tradition by staging a reading of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas ...

10 Delightful Dickens Quotes

There’s just no excuse: if you are not reading Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in December, you are plain missing out ...