#50 must reads

50 Must-Read YA Fantasy Books

We're doing it, seriously. These are the best YA fantasy books, with a mix of classics, newer releases, and genre-bending books you won't want to put down.

50 Must-Read Books of More Than 500 Pages

For when you want to hunker down and invest in a sprawling story, here are fifty must-read big books that are more than 500 pages long.

50 Must-Read Books You Might’ve Missed This Year

Sometimes excellent books get lost to the buzz of the year's popular reads, which is why we rounded up the must-read under-the-radar books of 2018.

50 Must-Read Microhistory Books

There are many great microhistory books, ranging from subjects like butter and cotton to champagne and the color indigo. Check out this list of must-reads!

50 Must-Read Children’s Book Series

These are 50 children's book series suggestions, split up by (approximate) age group, to serve as a starting point for young readers.

50 Must-Read Young Adult Romance Books

Check out these 50 excellent young adult romance books that would make the perfect addition to your beach bag this summer.

50 Must-Read Novels About Writers

50 novels featuring writers as characters. Including an author in search of the perfect opening sentence and a taxi driver mistaken for a prophet.

50 Must-Read Young Adult Mysteries

Procedurals, spy mysteries, super sleuths--there’s something for everyone. Looking for a great read? Here are 50 must read young adult mysteries!

50 Must-Read Board Books for Babies

A list of 50 must-read board books for babies with diverse authors, illustrators and characters, including gifting ideas, suggestions for bargain shopping and customization.