#100 must-read books

100 Must-Read Books Featuring Animals in the Title

A list of 100 books from several different genres and for different age groups that feature a critter of some kind in the title.

100 Must-Read Indie Press Books

Excellent books published by wonderful independent publishers. Includes fiction, poetry, and memoir books.

100 Must-Read SFF Short Story Collections

A giant roundup of must-read SFF short story collections by science fiction and fantasy authors writing today.

100 Must-Read Adapted Books That Are Movies and Television

Because the book is usually better.

100 Must-Read YA Books for Feminists and Feminists-in-Training

100 (and some extra!) must-read YA books for feminists and feminists in training.

100 Must-Read Books about the Law and Social Justice

Books for people who want to better understand the courts, law, and justice.

100 Must-Read Debut Novels

Excellent debut novels from a variety of great authors.

100 Must-Read Science Fiction And Fantasy Debuts

Excellent first novels and short story collections from writers of science fiction and fantasy.

100 Must-Read Books About Running

Books for, by, and about runners.