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Ta-Nehisi Coates Leading New STORM Series

By the Bright Lady, we’re getting a new Storm series!

There have been rumors that Ta-Nehisi Coates was going to be involved in a new Storm solo series, and he has confirmed that he’ll be writing!


And the artist, you might ask? That’s Jen Bartel, who shared a lovely warm up on her Twitter.

Coates has recently done some great things with his work on Black Panther. If that is any indication of what’s in store, we should be excited. And I happen to think Bartel’s bold illustrations are going to be a blast.

Let’s all hope that this series actually gets a legitimate chance to succeed. This is Storm, after all. She’s an established and well-loved character. I’m hoping it will have a better chance than some other recently cancelled Marvel titles. But, only time will tell. (Come on, Marvel!)

As a lifelong fan of Storm, I have to hope this news is going to lead to another awesome comic to add to my pull list.