How To Support the HarperCollins Union During Their Strike



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HarperCollins Union, which represents more than 250 employees from different sectors of the publishing house, has been on strike since November 10th. Their demands are for better pay, diversity initiatives, and more security for unionized workers. Salaries at HarperCollins start at $45,000 pretax, well below a living wage in New York City, with an average salary of $55,000.

This comes after the publishing company made record profits in 2021. A Vulture article pointed out that the pay increase requested would cost the company less than a million dollars, and that the company paid more than that just for Jared Kushner’s book deal.

If you want to support the union’s strike, here is what they have asked to do in support.

Readers and Reviewers:

  • Hold reviews, nominations, and other promotion of HarperCollins titles until an agreement is reached
  • Boost their message on social media
  • Consider donating to the strike fund
a graphic reading This Reader Supports the HarperCollins Union.

Bookstores and Booksellers:

Authors, Agents, and Freelancers:

  • Do not start a new contracts until an agreement is reached (does not apply to existing contractual obligations)

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