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Superhero Hoodies to Keep You Warm This Winter

Looking for something warm to wrap yourself in to make it through winter, and also inspire you to kick its ass? Look no further. This list of superhero hoodies is for you.

Aquaman Hoodie – HeroWears – $47.99

Whale, let’s get started here, instead of floundering through a bunch Namor options. You’ll look super ofishial in this orange hoodie, and your outfit will be kriller.

Sorry, Jason Momoa is not included.

Miles Morales Spider-Man Hoodie – Merchoid – $60.99

This is so beautiful. I physically need it in my life, especially after seeing Enter the Spider-Verse. Come to me, my precious.

Spider-Gwen Hoodie – HeroWears – $47.99

Almost every place I looked, this was completely sold out, because this hoodie is killer.

Spider-Man Hoodie – Merchoid – $59.99

Original style Spider-Man, but super badass.

Captain America Hoodie – HerointheBox – $49.00

For the super-soldier, but comfy.

Captain Marvel Hoodie – Merchoid – $72.99

HOLY SPACE ALIENS, this is amazing.

Black Panther Hoodie – CosplaySOS – $32.99

Yes, please.

Ms. Marvel – Movies Jacket – $159.00

Took a bit to find one of these, but how cozy does this look?

Iron Man – Superherostuff – $31.00

I. Am. Snuggle Man.

Batman Hoodie – SuperheroDen – $44.99

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh, BATMAN