Sunday Diversion: The Deaths of Minor American Poets

Jeff O'Neal

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On Sunday, your challenge was to match the American poet with their untimely demise. It’s time to reveal the answers, but first a repeat of the quiz. (Answer at the bottom of the post).


A. Hit by a dune buggy.

B. Heart attack in friend’s swimming pool.

C. Hit by car while walking to hospital to receive treatment for injuries suffered during a suicide


D. Psoriasis (Last words: “My vocabulary did this to me.”)

E. Drank whiskey poisoned by bartender

F. Disappeared.

G. Died in a snowstorm while walking home from a tavern.

H. Jumped off the Washington Avenue Bridge between St. Paul and Minneapolis.

I. Walked off with rifle. Never seen again.

J. Tuberculosis of the brain lining



1. Theodore Roethke

2. Robert Johnson

3. Philip Freneau

4. Weldon Kees

5. Randall Jarrell

6. Adelaide Crapsey

7. Lew Welch

8. Frank O’Hara

9. Jack Spicer

10. John Berryman


And now the answers (highlight the below to reveal):

Theodore Roethke suffered a heart attack in friend’s swimming pool

 Robert Johnson drank whiskey poisoned by bartender (allegedly over a woman)

Philip Freneau died in a snowstorm while walking home from a tavern

Weldon Kees just up and disappeared.

Randall Jarrell was hiit by car while walking to hospital to receive treatment for injuries suffered during a suicide attempt.

Adelaide Crapsey died from tuberculosis of the brain lining.

Lew Welch left an ominous note, walked into the woods with a rifle, and was never seen again. 

Frank O’Hara was hit by a dune buggy.

Jack Spicer succumbed to psoriosis, and his last words were “My vocabulary did this to me.”