Sunday Diversion: Get Out Your Library Card…with answers

Jeff O'Neal

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Below is last weekend’s Sunday Diversion, our weekly quiz, game, puzzle or other bookish pastime. I’ve included the original post with instructions for those of you who might have missed it. For the rest, you’ll find the answers below each clue, though you’ll have to highlight them to see. 


This one goes out to all the library lurkers out there. If you’ve spent much time doing library research, you’ve probably tangled with the Library of Congress subject classification system. Each new book entered into the Library of Congress gets a set of subject descriptors that help readers and researchers find information on a specific area. The descriptors for each book can be pretty accurate and helpful—or pretty vague and incomplete.

So, your challenge this morning is to guess novels based on their official Library of Congress Catalog subjects. As always, answers on Tuesday. Good luck!


ANSWER: The Road by Cormac McCarthy


ANSWER: The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger


ANSWER: A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan


ANSWER: The Life of Pi by Yann Martel


ANSWER: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini


ANSWER: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz


ANSWER: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides


ANSWER: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks


ANSWER: Bel Canto by Ann Patchett


ANSWER: Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese


Jeff O’Neal is the editor of Book Riot. Follow him on Twitter: @readingape