3 on a YA Theme: Summer YA Mystery Releases for Your TBR

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As we get into the full swing of summer, I hope that your TBR is stacked and your SPF is strong! For readers who love a little mystery and intrigue in their reading, here are three new YA mysteries that should definitely be on your radar this summer! Place your library holds now!

All Eyes On UsAll Eyes on Us by Kit Frick

Amanda and Rosalie are dating the same guy. Amanda is an aspiring socialite who sees Carter as the perfect match to her ambitions. Rosalie is just dating Carter to appease her parents, who are horrified at the thought of having a gay daughter. But when both girls starts receiving anonymous texts from a stalker, they discover that teaming up to expose dangerous secrets may be the only thing that will get them through.

Patron Saints of NothingPatron Saints of Nothing by Randy RibaY

Jay Reguero, a Filipino American teen, plans to take it easy the summer before college, but his plans are derailed when he learns that his cousin has been murdered. When no one in his family will tell him the exact details about Jun’s death, he heads to the Philippines to investigate himself. Once there, he realizes that there are a lot of things he didn’t know about Jun or his family, and that he may have even played an unknowing part in Jun’s death.

The Best LiesThe Best Lies by Sarah Lyu

If a psychological thriller is what you’re after, look no further! Remy thought she had it all—a wonderful boyfriend, Jack, and the best friend that she could ask for in Elise. But when Jack is murdered, and Elise is the killer, everything Remy thought she knew about her relationship with both of them is put into question. She must go over all of her memories and reexamine each one to determine the truth of what really happened.

Out July 2nd.

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