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Suicide Squad Trailer #2 Breakdown

Kris Saldaña

Staff Writer

Kris Saldaña writes comics. When he isn't writing or collaborating, he's reading, attempting to cook, occasionally Netflix bingeing or starting more projects likely to fuel his imminent meltdown. Follow him on Twitter: @kris_saldana.

DC dropped the new Suicide Squad Trailer last Tuesday and hoo boy is there a lot going on. The trailer is packed with villains and more villains and guns, and tons of DC goodness. Yeah DC goodness, I said it. Suicide Squad is revving up to be one of this year’s top superhero movies, which is also crazy to think about. There are 7 scheduled superhero movies to hit the theaters this year. That’s nuts. Anyway, I’m going to attempt to breakdown this trailer, pretty stoked on it.


Is it cheating to use Bohemian Rhapsody to sell your movie? I feel like it’s cheating.

I love how we get shots of various Squaders in their personalized cells. Feels very “comic-booky” (?) to me.

I had no idea Jai Courtney was Australian. Thought it was a pretty good accent until I found out.

Amanda Wallerrrr.

So already within 30 seconds we’ve gotten good looks at Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and El Diablo. Not bad.

Killer color choices so far.

Enchantress Gif

Enchantress looks great with that dark energy swimming around her. Uber creepy and good.

We’re getting into the plot of the movie. We see some carnage in the streets and get a group shot of the Suicide Squad in what looks like a city square.

Love how they synced all the hitting and shooting to the music. Honestly, everything so far has me stoked on this movie.

Joker Gif

And then we get to the Joker. Leto has completely disappeared. If I didn’t know it already, you’d have a very hard time convincing me that Jared Leto is playing the Joker. Also, what is it about the character where every actor who plays himself is sort of lost in the role? Nicholson, Ledger, even Hamill, are to hard to recognize under the makeup and voice. 

Dang Katana with her sword of ghostly skulls. So good.

Could Jai Courtney actually be good in this movie?

Now, we get a glimpse of what I’m presuming to be the main villain in this movie. Though I’m sure Joker will be facing off against the Squad too. Maybe joining them at some point?

Back to the villain. I paused for a very long while, stared into my screen, digging through all the comic trivia and minutia in my head trying to figure out who this person was. They have a green sort of exoskeleton with a red muscular body, shooting out these weird metallic tendrils. I have no clue honestly. Any guesses?

Suicide Squad gidf

Either way, he looks like he’s going to trash everyone.

Deadshot is working on what looks like the villain’s henchman.

I don’t know what’s up with that toxic vat scene with Joker and Harley. Is this her new origin? Somewhere in the back of my brain I know that her origin was retconned in the New 52, but I’m not totally sure.

Origin Gif

After that, we get some more cutscenes, a shot of Harley stealing some jewels in a window display and it ends. Got to love that Suicide Squad logo though, very pretty.

I’m pumped for this movie. This trailer is perfect in that it gives none of the real story away, but some plot and a whole bunch of DC goodness.

If DC wants to do dark, like it’s doing with BvS:DoF, then there should be a lot more fun involved and Suicide Squad, at first glance, seems to have the right balance down.

Also. Where the heck were the boomerangs. Captain Boomerang got a good amount of screen time, but there were no actual boomerangs flying around, bashing in skulls. I want an excessive amount of boomerangs,

What are your thoughts?