7 Signs You Might Be Stuck In a Cozy Mystery Series

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Nothing quite as cozy as the cozy mystery is there? A sense of delight, comfort washes over you knowing that what you set out to read is going to end in a way that all stories should in reality; with the bad guy dead, and the good guy victorious. The plot unfolds in a location that suffers from the negative effects of being part of this world, but only on the periphery. What drives a cozy mystery forward though most of all, are the characters. How our main protagonist attempting to sleuth gets out of tough situations with the help of those around him.

So then, what if I told you you might be in a cozy mystery right now? You are thinking, I haven’t seen anybody in a whole week, how could I possibly be part of a genre that thrives on accidental meetings and bump-ins? Listen, it’s possible. Seems too wild to be true? Watch out for these signs. Don’t see any dead bodies yet? Well, the story’s only beginning.

Charming Creatures

book cover for Meet your baker

Let’s get this one out of the way. Are you surrounded by a charming group of people who are ready to drop everything they are doing to come help you out in your difficult situation? Are they constantly organizing charities and fundraisers to save and support the community? Are your deduction skills subpar unless you have a little help from all the characters that surround you? Sounds like you might be living in Meet Your Baker: A Bakeshop Mystery by Ellie Alexander. You are home after graduation nursing a broken heart, and leading your mom’s bakery to prosperity. With the Oregon Shakespeare Festival coming to town, you are going to be getting tons of of business, and tons of local support, but watch out for rivalries and discontent turning into something bigger, and don’t let that Nancy get out of your sight.

Paltry Puns

Is everyone around you speaking in puns that are excellent, but also make you roll your eyes a little, not to mention make your tummy rumble? You are probably stuck in the Gone for Gouda: Cheese Shop Mystery by Korina Moss. You probably love a challenge and with the fall float to build, and top vegan chef, Phoebe coming to town, you are thriving right now. But, make sure you have done your background check on Phoebe before divulging any secrets, and keep an eye around you to make sure to catch anyone who is up to no gouda. *insert eye roll*

Savior Saint

Do you feel the need to save a small business or pursue the road to self-employment? Better yet, is the small business you want to save, one that has been in your family for generations? Without a doubt you are inside A Deadly Inside Scoop by Abby Colette. You are all set to restore your grandmother’s ice cream shop to its former glory with newfound recipes and a summer season in full swing. But, construction takes longer than expected and you had to open shop in winter only to be welcomed by a snow storm. I would get a bigger shovel if I were you.

Foodie Fun


Recipes, desserts, eclectic entrees, if these are a regular feature in your world, you are probably deep in your arms in Arsenic and Adobo by Mia P. Manansala. Delivering delicious food that feels authentic to you and your story is your jam. But, where you stand in your truth to recover from those who might have broken your heart, not everyone likes this side of you. Specially those destined to be critics. Dealing with them amicably and gracefully is the only way you are going to make it through. Let’s just hope their fateful end doesn’t lead to yours as well.

Morbid Murder

Is a trail of dead bodies following you wherever you go, so much so that people have begun taking you for the grim reaper? Well then you could be in Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chen. You are back at home, waiting tables on your family restaurant. Until one day someone has a bad batch of seafood and blames you for the collapse that follows.

Lawless Love

Are your family members or friends adamant on finding you a partner? Do they carry your wallet size prints in their fanny packs and clutches? Is romance finding a way to flourish in your life despite the above mentioned trail of dead bodies? You are probably in the world of Mimi Lee Gets a Clue by Jennifer J. Chow. You can’t seem to catch a break with the familial pressure to settle down and the added stress of setting up your pet breeding business. The dead pet breeder outside is definitely not going to be good for business, will help scare off the suitors with the wrong ideas.


Murder in G Major book cover

You have finally settled down with a warm cup of tea. You are kicking it back after saving a business, solving that murder, finding true love and hugging it out with all the people you had misunderstandings with. But, as soon as you have your sip, the phone rings, and something else has gone terribly wrong. And your adventure is about to begin all over again. You are probably stuck in Murder in G Major by Alexia Gordon. You enjoyed the cozy cottage, and you helped the ghost avenge their murder, but the fun is just beginning. Your clairvoyance is going to get you stuck in the famous cozy mystery spiral; the series. Watch out for your next appearance in Death in D Minor.

If you are looking for a good old cozy mystery, then try out the lists below. I make no promises about whether or not you might find yourself stuck in them.

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