Striking Photos of Readers From Around the World: Critical Linking, July 16

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by Flatiron Books and Legendary by Stephanie Garber.

That luminosity appears throughout the book, whether in the bowed head of a woman at a museum in Italy or the intent expression of a street vendor in Kabul. Over the past 40 years, the Magnum photographer has amassed a collection of images showing people engrossed in the printed word.

So many striking photos of readers around the world.

Over the years since, I’ve often drawn inspiration from Africa’s extraordinary literary tradition. As I prepare for this trip, I wanted to share a list of books that I’d recommend for summer reading, including some from a number of Africa’s best writers and thinkers – each of whom illuminate our world in powerful and unique ways.

In case you missed it, Obama shared a personally-curated list of African literature in prep for an upcoming trip to the continent.

That recipe is among a dozen that have been adapted by contemporary chefs and incorporated into a video project by Spain’s National Library, to raise the profile of its vast collection of 23,000 food-related works, which date as far back as the 1400s.

What a neat project! If you can’t see the NYT piece, you can go straight to the vids here.

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