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25 B*tchin’ STRANGER THINGS Enamel Pins

Season 3 of Stranger Things garnered Netflix’s highest-ever viewership in its first weekend. While the next season’s air date hasn’t been announced yet, the fun doesn’t necessarily have to end: there’s still shopping to be done! I enjoy collecting enamel pins because they add a bit of fandom to any outfit. With a few curated pins, you can have some of the creepiness of Stranger Things with you every day. From Dustin to the Demogorgons, here are a selection of Stranger Things enamel pins currently available on Etsy.

Keep it simple with this logo pin, which is available with or without the 1980s TV set background. $9.53

This Christmas lights pin is appropriate at any time of year as you remember how far Joyce Byers was willing to go to save her son, even if no one else believed her (you know, the first time). $7.50

Eleven + Eggos forever, am I right? $10.00

This pin commemorates Steve and the only outfit he got to wear in Season 3.  $7.99

I was excited to see Erica get more screen time this season and loved her journey towards the realization and maybe-acceptance that she, too, is a nerd. $7.99

If you survived the 4th of July in Hawkins, you definitely need this pin. $7.99

This arcade pin comes to you straight from the Upside Down. Maybe don’t try to play the games down there. $8.00

The pin kind of demodog is probably the safest kind of demodog to have in your life. $10.00

This pin of Eleven from Season 1 will make anyone feel just a little bit braver. $8.31

Or maybe you prefer Eleven’s Season 2 look? There’s a pin for that too. $12.00

If Dustin’s your fave, this pin has you covered. I kind of can’t get over the likeness. $11.00

Because sometimes everyone needs a little reminder that friends don’t lie. $7.50

I love this tiny tribute to Eleven’s favorite word. It would look great on a jacket or canvas tote. $11.99

A Castle Byers sign to remind us all of more innocent times. $8.00

Joyce’s rotary phone. Listen closely to the static. $9.00

Steve’s immortal hair advice (which, as we know, Dustin has fully adopted). $8.00

Add a touch of terror to your wardrobe with this Demogorgon pin. $9.00

For those who like their references subtle, four pumps will do. $8.44

I agree with Alexei—cherry is definitely the superior Slurpee flavor. $9.33

Steve with baseball bat, ready to slay whatever needs slaying. $10.38

What’s more on-theme than an adorable little mixtape? $11.99

This pin cleverly represents both the regular world and the Upside Down. $15.00

How about a happy little Hopper to adorn your jean jacket? $7.79

RIP Barb. Forever missing, forever missed. $9.50

And, finally, Carol, one of Steve’s old “friends.” $20.00

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