#YA Fantasy Week 2019

Unlikable Female Characters in YA Fantasy

Edgy, angry, rough around the edges...unlikeable, even. Here are eight of one reader's favorite unlikable female characters in YA fantasy.

Dragons, Magic, and Studying for Algebra: YA Fantasy Books Set in the Modern World

YA books with a traditional fantasy setting are everywhere, but what about YA fantasy books set in the modern world? We examine two such books in this post.

How to Make Romance Work in YA Fantasy

From putting a new spin on the love triangle trope to knowing your creep factor, here are one reader's tips for writing great romance in YA fantasy.

15 Must-Read Queer YA Fantasy Books

Explore new and fantastic worlds and find LGBTQ+ characters represented on the page with these must-read queer YA fantasy books!

Finding Representation at the Festival of Books and in WE HUNT THE FLAME

A Los Angeles Times Festival of Books attendee on finding WE HUNT THE FLAME author Hafsah Faizal, and finding representation in this YA fantasy.

10 of the Best Feminist YA Fantasy Books of 2019

Get out your misogyny slicing swords and your anti-sexist sorceress robes, because these feminist YA fantasy books are ready to crush the patriarchy.

What Do Adults Love About YA Fantasy?

Let's face it, adulthood would be so much better if us grown people were armed with magic. Right? Here's more on that and why adults love YA fantasy.

10 Great Standalone YA Fantasy Books

If you don't enjoy waiting for the next book in a series, we've got some excellent standalone YA fantasy book you should add to your TBR.

7 YA Fantasy Books With Heroines Disguised As Boys

Here's a list of the badass women of YA fantasy who kick gender norms to the curb. These heroines disguised as boys break free to make an impact.

No, My First Name Ain’t Royal Baby: Awesome Royals in YA Fantasy

Honey, you should see me in a crown. Get ready for awesome royals in YA fantasy with these nine excellent reads you can pick up right now.