#Thrillers and Mysteries Week 2022

8 Mystery/Thriller TikTokers to Follow Right Now

If you’re looking for more thrillers or mystery recommendations on your For You Page, follow these fantastic TikTok accounts!

Why CLUE is the Perfect Mystery

Stellar cast and wonderful comedic performance aside, it's the superbly plotted mystery that makes Clue a fan favorite all these years later.

The Role of Wills and Testaments in Mystery Novels

In leaving a will, a person is guaranteed the last word—at least regarding their own possessions. And that makes for a great mystery.

How Gothic Romance Led to Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novels

Contemporary romance as we know it today developed out of the gothic romance tradition with many lingering similarities.

Please, Tell Me More: 8 Books Where The Mystery Is Revealed First

It's not always about the what or the who, but about the why: these books reveal the mystery first but keep you guessing til the end.

Start with Mysteries, Thrillers, & True Crime If You’re New to Audiobooks

If you're new to audiobooks or unsure if they're for you, try a mystery, thriller, or true crime audiobook to get you started.

A Map to the Best Treasure Hunting Mysteries

It's less about the whodunit and more about the "where is it?" Prepare for adventure with these treasure-hunting mysteries!

The Best Mystery Books Featuring Dogs

Nothing is more irresistible than dogs and mysteries. Here's a list of 10 dog mysteries where dogs are main characters, sidekicks, and more.

10 Mystery/Thriller BookTube Channels You’ve Got to Follow

If you only follow 10 BookTubers who cover mystery/thriller content, these are the channels you've absolutely got to follow.

10 Cozy Mysteries for a Gentle Thrill (+ a Bonus!)

Don't let the charm of charm of that seaside village or sun-drenched winery fool you... get into these cozy mysteries for a gentle thrill!