#Tech Week 2019

An Ode to the Technology That Enriches My Reading Life

Bookish and book-adjacent reading technology make being a reader so much fun! Here are five technological developments we can't live without!

Big Brother Is Watching You: 5 Books To Read If You Don’t Cover Your Webcam

These five Big Brother books are here to demonstrate why you should always cover your webcam because you never really know who's watching.

On the Lesser Known Sci-Fi Writers Who Predicted Future Technology

We're looking beyond the usual lists of white men purported to have dreamed up future technology to highlight the marginalized folks who came before them.

10 Kids Books about Inventors to Inspire Young Creators

A list of ten children's books about inventors, from picture books to graphic novels and more to inspire kids of all ages to create their own inventions.

My Ideal Ereader

When you give a bookish person an ereader... There's no end to what we might demand of it. What features would you ask of it?

Why Did Interactive Ebooks Never Catch On?

We examine why interactive ebooks have struggled to catch on among readers, considering the work that goes into them, the distraction of them, and more.

Electric Dreams: Fiction’s Greatest Technopaths

Where do you draw the line between technology and magic? These books about technopaths explore the grey area between the two.

A Guide to Some of the Best Ereaders Available Right Now

Check out some of the best ereaders available right now.

Bookish Tech Accessories

We've rounded up some of the coolest tech accessories for book lovers you can find and purchase on the internet right now!

Which SF/Dystopian Book Should You Read Next?

If the concept of artificial intelligence intrigues you as much as it does sci-fi writers, take this quiz to find out which AI book you should read.