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#Sisters Day 2019

Manga Sisterhoods to Get Excited About

Love found families and familial-like bonds between women? Here are a few manga sisterhoods with interesting relationships to get excited about.

6 Dysfunctional Literary Sisterhoods

Sisterhoods aren't always straightforward or easygoing, and these dysfunctional literary sisterhoods highlight some of the complexities of sisterly bonds.

Famous Sisters: Rebels, Rivals, and Revelry

Born into privilege, obscurity, and even slavery, from the Soong sisters to the Dionne quintuplets, these famous sisters left their mark on history.

The Enneagram Types of the March Sisters

Think you know the March sisters? Expand your understanding of the sister of LITTLE WOMEN by way of the Enneagram approach.

Sisters in Superhero Comics

Sisters in superhero comics are strangely (or maybe predictably) few and far between, but we've rounded up some of the best superhero sisterhoods.

Strained Relations: 6 Horrible Sisters in Fiction

Pick up these six great fiction books about evil sisters and take comfort in the fact that you're not related to any of them.

Get to Know the Schuyler Sisters of HAMILTON and History

Learn more about the Schuyler sisters through their HAMILTON characters, their letters, and works of both fiction and nonfiction.

10 Memorable Sisters in Young Adult Fiction

There's nothing like a great sister relationship in a novel to give you all the feels. Here are ten books with memorable sisters of YA fiction!

8 Middle Grade Books About More Than Two Sisters

We can all name sister pairs in fiction, but what about sister teams of more than two? Get to know these families of sisters from middle grade fiction.