All The Books

Episode 212.5 This week, Liberty discusses a few great older books, including The Witch of Lime Street.


Episode 26 In this episode, the story of the interrupted literary career of Freido Lampe, and how his story reveals the underpinnings of the Nazi obsession with books and literature.

For Real

Episode 33 This week Alice and Kim talk about witches, Jehovah's Witnesses, fungus-inspired crime, and what nonfiction to read for Pride Month.

Get Booked

Episode 185 Amanda and Jenn do another round of nonfiction questions this week on Get Booked.

Hey YA

Episode 45 Kelly and special guest Sarah Dessen talk about teen life today, how YA has grown and changed in the last two decades, and what "strong female characters" means.

Kidlit These Days

Episode 7 Karina and Matthew talk about the ripples from recent synagogue attacks, books that center the Jewish faith and culture, and we're reminded that we are all made of stories.

Read or Dead

Episode 53 In honor of Pride month, Katie and Rincey spend some time talking about mystery books by LGBTQ+ authors.

SFF Yeah!

Episode 55 Jenn and guest María Cristina García Lynch discuss the Nebula Award winners, the new Terminator and Star Trek installments, military sf/f, and more.

The Podcast

Episode 317 Barnes & Noble's buyout options, Goodreads's list of the hit books of 2019 so far, damning allegations against Nicholas Sparks, and more.

When In Romance

Episode 36 Jess and Trisha discuss new revelations about discrimination at the school Nicholas Sparks founded; suggest some romance-focused Patreons you might consider supporting; and recommend books featuring characters who are asexual, aromantic, grey-asexual and greyromantic.


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