#Octavia Butler Day 2017

Science Fiction Short Story Collections by Authors of Color

Many genre authors from marginalized backgrounds get their start in short fiction. Check out these amazing short story collections by authors of color.

Fear and Butler in America

A reader on the fear of approaching Octavia Butler's work and being wrung apart by her words.

Fierce: The Short Fiction of Octavia Butler

On one reader's Octavia Butler reading experience with synopses of two particularly poignant short stories.

A Smurfette in Science Fiction and Fantasy: Octavia’s Legacy

Octavia Butler was a smurfette of her time, but she had to earn that place. Priya Sridhar discusses the factors that led to the author's success.

LUMINESCENT THREADS: Knowing Octavia Butler Through a Community That Loves Her

Twelfth Planet Press is releasing a collection of letters to Octavia Butler this summer! Get to know her through the words of Butler experts.

Is it Possible to Misread Octavia Butler?

On that common (incorrect) assumption made about Octavia Butler's short story "Bloodchild."

Why Octavia E. Butler is Essential SciFi Genre Reading

Why sci-fi fans should pick up an Octavia Butler book right now.

Writers Inspired by Octavia Butler

More than 5 prolific authors who were inspired by, and spoke upon, the power of Octavia Butler's words.

Science Fiction That Isn’t Quite; or, Books to Read if You Loved KINDRED

On KINDRED and other sci-fi-but-not-quite-sci-fi books that are first and foremost about people and strange ways we live in the world.

Discovering Octavia Butler’s FLEDGLING And Rediscovering Genre Fiction

One reader on how discovering Octavia Butler's FLEDGLING changed her reading life.