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#New Ears Resolution

Fiction Audiobooks to Help You with Your Resolutions

Whether you want to devote more time to self-care, read more, learn a new skill--there's a fiction audiobook to help you stick with your goals.

Make The Most Out Of Your Commute With Audiobooks

Commutes can be tedious and draining, but they can also be opportunities to read! Put that road time to work with these tips for commuting with audiobooks.

Restart After the New Year with These 12 Mindful Audiobooks

If you have plans to head into the New Year giving more thought to the internal and external world, get inspired by these audiobooks about mindfulness.

My Audiobook-Related Resolutions

Do you have reading resolutions for 2019? How about audiobook reading resolutions? Here are a few from one resolute reader.

How Audiobooks Help My Sleep Goals

Some of my favorite audiobooks to fall asleep to and some great resources to help you incorporate audiobooks into your nightly routine too!

Listening Your Way to Self-Help Resolutions: Self-Help Audiobooks

No matter how you want your life to improve, listening along with one of these self-help audiobooks for resolutions and to focus on those goals.

Reclaiming My Time: Steps to Keep Donald Trump from Stealing My Reading Joy

A reader on how Donald Trump and the current political climate have stolen her reading joy, and her strategy for reclaiming reading time in 2019.

Audiobook Reading Resolutions for Kids and Their Parents

Reading resolutions: They're not just for grownups. And audiobook reading resolutions can be a great way to diversify caregiver-child book time.

My Reading Resolutions for 2019

Have you set your reading resolutions for 2019? Here's one reader's list of bookish goals for the New Year.

QUIZ: What Should Your Bookish New Year’s Resolution Be?

New year, new reading goals! Take our New Year's Reading Resolution Quiz to find the perfect way to up your reading game.