Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

#National Library Week 2018

The Librarian Workout

The Librarian Workout: start with the "I refuse to use/can't find a library cart" loaded carry.

Libraries As a Constant

"I can safely say that if I hadn't had libraries in my life I don't think I'd be who I am today."

I Was the Library Ghost

One woman's fond recollections of her time as the library ghost and her first job shelving book at her middle school library.

Donate To EveryLibrary In Honor of National Library Week

It's National Library Week, and we're spreading the word about EveryLibrary, an organization that supports local library initiatives throughout the US.

5 Ways To Love Your Local Librarian

Tips for showing love at the libraries in your life from a school librarian living the dream. (Hint: USE US!)

The Magic of Investing in a New Library

One Rioter describes how seeing the renovation of her hometown childhood library inspired her for the future, and reminded her how much libraries matter.

A Roundup of Fierce Fictional Librarians

To celebrate National Library Week, we rounded-up some of our favorite fictional librarians.

Random Observations of a Former Fine Arts Library Page

In honor of National Library Week, here a few observations I've made in my time working at my university's fine arts library.

Genderqueerness in the Library

A reader recounts “Genderful! Exploring Gender Through Art,” presented by the Brooklyn Public Library, and writes about the impact and importance of events around genderqueerness in public libraries.

Keeping Your Personal Library Collection…at the Public Library

Through the magic of communal ownership everyone can enjoy a fabulous, big personal library like the Beast's--and we don't even have to do the work to maintain it!