#Literary Friendship Day 2020


10 of the Best Manga Friendships

Do you love reading about platonic relationships in comics? Then check out this list of some of the best manga friendships.

Friendships in Black and Multicultural Romance

Squad goals! Find more reasons to include friends in matters of the heart with these friendships in Black and multicultural romance.

8 Epic Friendships in Sci-fi and Fantasy Books

When you throw magic and science fictional worlds at these companions, you get some of the most epic friendships in sci-fi and fantasy.

5 of the Best Criminal Friendships

For the fan of crime novels who are also looking for some companionship: here are a bunch of criminal friendships.

8 Great Picture Books about Friendship

These picture books about friendship go over a wide array of situations where characters forge bonds, relationships, and alliances.

6 of the Best Friendships in YA Fantasy

Rapid fire banter, relationship dynamics, who doesn't love exploring a fictional friendship? Find a few friendships in YA fantasy.

4 of the Best Friendships in Middle Grade Books

The friendships in these middle grade books overcome challenges, act as support systems, and give kids a sense of bonding and community.

3 Ways to Start a Two-Person Book Club with a Friend

One Rioter describes three different types of two-person book clubs that have helped her make and maintain long-lasting literary friendships.

Quiz: Which YA Friendship is Most Like Your Own?

Find your bestie in a great book! Consider your BFF and take the quiz to determine which YA friendship is most like your own.

19 Queer Friendship Books That Go Beyond the Gay Best Friend

If you're sick of reading books with one queer person per friendship group, check out these 19 books celebrating queer friendship!