#Heroines & Heroes Day

The Most Iconic Heroes in Manga

Let's take a peek at some of the most iconic heroes in manga, whose influence and star power continue to shine today.

9 Heroes From Around the World

Join us as we travel around the world with superheroes from the around the globe including Mexico, Argentina, Nigeria, China, and France.

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The best heroes in YA fantasy books range from common thieves to superheroes, and aren't always likable, but they do capture hearts.

Books Where The Villain Is Actually The Hero

If you can't help but root for the villain, pick up these fantasy and romantasy novels where the misunderstood villain is actually the hero.

Best Underrated Superheroes in Comics

We're going to take a look at some of the best underrated superheroes in comics, and finally give them their time to shine!

Can You Have the Hero Without the Journey?

The hero’s journey has become a big part of Western storytelling, but what kind of journeys do heroes go on elsewhere?

Not All Heroes Wear Capes: 9 Books About Ordinary and Everyday Heroes

These books about ordinary heroes prove that sometimes the hero(ine) of the story is the one whose little actions make a big impact.

Take This Queero Quiz to Find Out Which Queer Superhero You Are

Find out your queer superhero identity with this handy little quiz.

Superheroes Who Are Literally Gods

I've picked out eight supes who blur the line betweeen god and man — superheroes who are literally gods — for you here.

BIPOC Final Girls in Recent Horror Fic

Twisting horror tropes in twisty, turny, genre-blendy fiction.