Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

#Genre Blend Day 2024

8 Genre-Blending Nonfiction Books You Need To Read

These genre-blending nonfiction books defy true categorization, offering us new ways to view the world around us.

8 Fantasy Horror Books to Delight and Frighten You

From witches to labyrinthian Gothic castles, here are some of the best fantasy horror books to give you fantastical frights.

All the Punks! An Introduction

Punk subgenres show how blurry the lines between genre fiction and “mainstream, literary” fiction can be, often overlapping with one another.

9 Historical Romantasy Books

These 9 historical romantasy books will take you through time — to vampire tea rooms, Mexico during the Jazz Age, and more.

8 Sci-Noir Books that Blend Genres

Sci-noir stories blend science fiction and noir to show us the darker side of futuristic worlds and technologies.

Take This Genre Blend Quiz to Find Your Perfect Book Mix

What literary mashup is your perfect mix? Romantasy? Sci-cozy? Hist-horror-cal? Take this genre blend quiz to find out!

10 Genre-Blending Short Story Collections That Defy Limitations

Short story collections are always a ride, but when you add melting and exploding genre conventions? These are unputdownable reads.

What Even Is This?: 8 Books That Blend & Transcend Genre

These unique, compelling books transcend the limitations of genre. If you love the weird and unexpected, you should read them.

8 Creepy and Compelling Historical Horror Novels

We love a good genre-blender. Here are eight amazing and chilling historical horror novels for your reading pleasure.

8 Out-of-this-World Romances in Space

These out-of-this-world romances in space combine high-stakes interplanetary adventures with swoon-worthy love stories.