#Dark Academia Day 2023


Dark Academia vs. Chaotic Academia: What’s the Difference?

Newer dark academia books point out elitism in academia; chaotic academia not only rejects it entirely, but seeks to undermine it at every turn.

Why Demonic Prep Boys Keep Appearing in the Dark Academia Canon

You know the type: old-money east coast aesthetic and a demonic or dark magical presence. Let's talk about dark academia's demonic prep boys.

The Best Dark Academia in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Dark academia isn't just for mysteries and thrillers — you can find all the dark academia vibes you crave in science fiction and fantasy too!

Dark Academia and Horror: A Bloody, Perfect Marriage

If you enjoy dark academia books, you might find yourself more at home than you realize. You may not want to leave.

Class Action: 8 of the Best Dark Academia YA Fantasy Books

Cauldrons and pencils down! Homework has never been so scary in these eight dark academia YA fantasy books!

8 Dark Academia Manga and Manhwa

Read your way into the best dark academia manga and manhwa, both in print and in webtoon formats.

Why Dark Academia is Perennially Popular

What makes dark academia popular and why does it remain popular? A look at its elements and the feelings it evokes.

How to Survive a Dark Academia Novel

Brush up on those dead languages and grab your first aid kit: you're in a dark academia novel and you *will* survive.

8 Brilliant Dark Academia Books by Authors of Color

Want to read more dark and twisty stories with academic settings? Dive into 8 brilliant dark academia books written by authors of color!

Themes, Tropes, and Types of Dark Academia

Rainy days, black coffee, stacks of books, some murder: let's talk dark academia theme, tropes, and types.