#Censorship News Roundup

How to Prepare for 2022 Book Challenges: This Week’s Censorship News

Expect fewer stories of book censorship through the end of the year. But prepare for 2022's wave of anti-CRT, anti-SEL legislation and more.

Wake Up: The Censorship Has Been Alive Forever. It’s at Fever Pitch Today.

This week's roundup of censorship news from across the country, including next targets, the groups behind these challenges, and more.

Craighead County Library’s Battle Against Censorship

Craighead County Library in Jonesboro, Arkansas, has been the target of repeat censorship attempts this year. Here's a timeline of events.

Students Petition for Library Books, School Board Members Want to Burn LGBTQ+ Titles, and More Censorship News: November 12, 2021

Both good news and not-so good news in censorship news across the USA this week.

New Report Showcases Wide Damage of Educational Gag Orders

A new report from PEN America highlights the wide ranging damage from educational gag orders across the country.

All 850 Books Texas Lawmaker Matt Krause Wants to Ban: An Analysis

Here are all some stats and highlights from the list of 850 books Matt Krause wants removed from school libraries, including most ironic pick.

Kenai Peninsula’s Dual Book Challenges, Embarrassing School Board Outbursts, and More Censorship News This Week: November 5, 2021

After the Kenai library board rejected a grant for health-related books, community members rallied to raise over $16,000 for the library.

No, The FBI Isn’t Showing Up at School Board Meetings: Censorship News, October 29, 2021

Censorship news from across the US this week include silent book culling, lawsuits, and conspiracy theories.

“Critical Race Theory” Is The New Satanic Panic in Right-Wing Politics

Virginia and Texas politicians are using critical race theory to create moral panic about the books read and shelved in schools.

Media Doesn’t Name Book Pulled From School; White Kids “Robbed of Innocence”: Book Challenges and Censorship This Week

Book challenges in Texas, Kentucky, Virginia, and Rhode Island, as well as The Onion's latest take on satire: real headlines.