Story Time: 10 Times Our Favorite Authors Told the Best Stories on Twitter

A.J. O'Connell

Staff Writer

A.J. O’Connell is the author of two published novellas: Beware the Hawk and The Eagle & The Arrow. All she’s ever wanted to do in life is read and write books, and so, is constantly writing at least one novel. She holds an MFA in creative fiction, but despite the best efforts of her teachers at Fairfield University's low-residency program, remains a huge dork for sci-fi, fantasy and comic books. She is a journalist and has taught journalism to college students. She blogs about feminism, the writing life, and whatever else comes into her head at www.ajoconnell.com. Blog: A.J. O'Connell Twitter: @ann_oconnell

Sometimes truth is better than fiction. And there is no better way to share our weird truths than social media. Especially in the form of Twitter story time threads. Just search “story time thread” on Twitter and you will get all sorts of people telling all sorts of stories: harrowing, hilrarious, heartwarming. Everything.

You know who else does story time? Authors. There’s all sorts of bonus material from writers on Twitter, often about things that have happened in their own lives.

For example, earlier this week, Roshani Chokshi simultaneously made her followers hungry and melted their hearts by sharing the story of her recent engagement. (Read it and you’ll understand.)


Ready for a short Twitter anthology? Some are heartwarming, some are funny, some are deadly serious, and some will gross you out. Sit back and relax. It’s story time!

Sit back and relax. It’s story time!

The tale of Adam Ellis’s worryingly recent haunting by a ghost child called Dear David. (Adam, I hope you’re still alive when this post goes live.)

The origin story of Cassandra Khaw’s obsession with teeth. (Don’t read this if you’re scared of teeth or dentistry.)

That time when Seanan McGuire rescued an alligator lizard from an unlikely place.

The time Daniel José Older (who used to work as an EMT) and his colleagues saved a man who dropped dead on the A Train platform. (You can read the non-Twitter version of that thread on Older’s blog.)

On a lighter note, the time Older decided to write a brand new installment of a movie franchise.

That time Sarah Gailey took apart Steampunk cosplay. (Not technically a storytime, but I snorted.)

When Ryan North and his dog Chompsky were stuck in a hole and couldn’t get out until Twitter saved them. (The hole… er.. whole thread is collected here.)

When Patrick Rothfuss helped a little girl design her dream Playmobile character.

And of course, that time Chuck Wendig helped Sam Sykes sort out a problem at his summer camp counselor job.