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Stephen King’s Mist Approaches Again; Check Out the Trailer for the Upcoming Miniseries

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Stephen King’s doorstop books have always been my favorite. It. The StandThe bigger—the more all-consuming of my life—the better.

But after the doorstops, the next on my list of King faves tended to be, oddly enough, his shorter works. His short story collections. His novellas. Bite-sized bits of horrifying goodness that I gobbled up one by one by one.

Enter The Mist. Short enough to read in one sitting. Long enough to provide for an incredibly satisfying literary meal.

So I should be excited for the forthcoming miniseries coming to Spike TV on June 22. And I must admit: when I first saw the announcement of the series, I did experience a small frisson of excitement.

But I do have my reservations. Plans for the show include a whole new cast of characters, and a fair amount of diversion from the source material. And didn’t we already have a decent adaptation of The Mist back in 2007?


I don’t know… I always get nervous when someone effs with something I love. But I’ll let you be the judge. Check out the first trailer now: