Critical Linking

Stephen King Is Sorry You Feel Like You’re In THE STAND: Critical Linking, April 10,2020

Critical Linking is a daily roundup of the most interesting bookish links from around the web sponsored by To Calais, in Ordinary Time by James Meek, from Canongate Books.

” ‘I keep having people say, “Gee, it’s like we’re living in a Stephen King story,” ‘ he says. ‘And my only response to that is, “I’m sorry.” ‘

A pandemic like COVID-19 was ‘bound to happen,’ King says. ‘There was never any question that in our society, where travel is a staple of daily life, that sooner or later, there was going to be a virus that was going to communicate to the public at large.'”

“My bad!” —Stephen King

“The story sees the author dealing with two incidents – a trip on a liner to New York surrounded by fog, and an encounter with a ‘shabby little boy, carrying a small bundle’. ‘His face was white, and his eyes had that horribly bewept, almost blinded look one shudders before when one sees it in an older person. That a child’s face and eyes should look so was inhuman – unnatural,’ she writes.”

Sounds delightfully creepy!

“Look, we’re all adults—and if you’re not, there are plenty of other io9 articles to read (although let’s be honest, they’re all sexy). Social distancing is tough for a lot of reasons, one of them being how it affects our sex lives. It’s important to find creative ways to keep yourself satisfied and we’ve got a few suggestions for you.”

Get your SFF freak on.