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Custom Sprayed Edges Books to Beautify Your Shelves

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Gia R.

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Are you looking to upgrade your home library? Do you want a fancy version of a beloved book? Look no further! I’ve got just the thing you’d like. What is that? Books with custom sprayed edges! But wait…what are books with sprayed edges?

These are books that have an image or design painted on the edges of the pages. Some people choose to DIY it, while others like to order a custom masterpiece! I have seen a variety of approaches for creating the sprayed edges on these books. Some people will use spray paint and stencils or hand paint the designs. If you want to create your own, stay tuned for a guide to DIY sprayed edges later in the month. If you’re looking to buy…I’ve got you covered. I have a list of vendors—all available on Etsy.

Some of the vendors provide a variety of books with sprayed edges. Others only create items on a case-by-case basis. With that said, all of them do custom orders. If you want something different from what is in their shop, you can send them a message and get a custom piece of work. The majority of the vendors purchase a new book and create their artwork on that piece. They also include the cost of the book in their price. Are you ready to find some great bookish and artsy delights? Let’s go!

Where to Get Custom Sprayed Edges Books

picture of custom sprayed book edges by Rainiegirl on Etsy

First up is Rainiegirl. This shop does custom orders like the ones shown above. The down payment for a custom order is $78. Reach out to the vendor for more information about pricing!

picture of deviant king book with sprayed edges done by darkfantasy edges

Next up is DarkFantasyBookEdges. They have several books already available to purchase, like this copy of Deviant King. If you’re into books like this, then this vendor is the one for you. This book is available for $52, but prices vary.

picture of multiple hand painted book edges done by whitneybookpaintings

WhitneyBookpaintings has many hand-painted book edges for books like Pride and Prejudice. There are several to choose from, but you can also request a custom design. Designs range from $275 to $475 based on finish.

picture of priory of the orange tree sprayed edges done by paintedpageslibrary

PaintedPagesLibrary has many popular fantasy books available, but they also do custom orders. They limit the number they do each month, so check out their shop and get your order in early. This copy of The Priory of the Orange Tree is $56. Contact the vendor for custom order details.

picture of from blood and ash sprayed edges done by dreamersbindery

DreamersBindery has made-to-order books available. They do custom sprayed edges, which you can see from some of their reviews. This pretty copy of From Blood and Ash is $60.

picture of multiple hand painted book edges done by inesasart

I’m loving this book artwork done by InesasArt. They do a wide variety of designs (just no facial features), and prices vary based on the level of detail and whether you select a paperback or hardcover. Price starts at $84.

picture of Crescent City duo painted book edges done by LavenderLattesHome

More custom books are available at the LavenderLattesHome shop. This lovely copy of the Crescent City duo is made to order. One book is $60. You can find other magical designs on their page. Send them a message for a custom order!

picture of hobbit hole painted book edges done by Micolanne

Our last vendor is Micolanne! This shop has some amazing creations, like this hobbit hole design. Make sure to message the shop with your idea before purchasing. Price starts at $100.

These are just a few of the many vendors that do custom-sprayed edges on your favorite books. I wonder which style you like best.

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