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Spice Up Your Halloween Pumpkin Game With Comics

Kristina Pino

Staff Writer

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Try something a bit different for Halloween this year, and not just letting your plain old toothy-grinned pumpkins sit placidly on your stoop. I went around and found some easy (or easy-ish) DIY pumpkin carving and decorating patterns and tutorials so you don’t have to. Chop chop!

sailor_moon_silhouette_by_alcnaurewenStencils you can print out:

  • Batman. You can’t go wrong with the Bat Symbol.
  • Groot. We are Groot.
  • Sailor Moon. Such a perfect silhouette-able design.
  • Superman. The other classic symbol.
  • Chi. The adorable little personal computer from Chobits.
  • Charlie Brown and Snoopy. It’s a great pumpkin.
  • Wonder Woman. Goddess.
  • The Joker. Complete with a bunch of HAHAHAHAHA.
  • Selina Kyle. Purrr-fect.


    DIY comic covered modpodge pumpkins 2

    Who says you must get dirty with pumpkin guts? Great comic-covered pumpkin tutorial here. Don’t deal with the rotting, stinking mess a fresh jack-o-lantern is destined to become.

    Pumpkin-lighting ideas from LifeHacker.


    More fun with craft pumpkins: paint ’em black and light up a silhouette.

    There are so many things you can do, even if you don’t want to use a real pumpkin that’ll rot and mold all up in your yard. I always get so much personal satisfaction out of doing craft projects like these, and I hope you’ll give it a try. If you do, send us pictures via Facebook or Twitter! If we get enough reader-submitted comics-related jack-o-lanterns, I may just feature a bunch of my favorites here.