Space-Saving Bookshelves to Fit More Books in Your Home

So you just moved into a new studio apartment. Or a tiny house. Or a regular house with not a lot of space. No matter your situation, you have found yourself in a pickle: too many books, too little space. Have no fear, Book Riot is here with space-saving bookshelves and some ideas for how to cram more books into your home.

Space-Saving Bookshelves to Fit More Books in Your Home |

Space-saving bookshelves to buy

The Lack! I love this and wish I didn’t have a cat and could therefore have this shelving unit. Alas. Maybe you can find it useful.


This one is lovely, minimalist, and doesn’t take up too much space out from the wall.


If you’re the kind of person who wants to hide your books (a thing I do not understand, but no judgment here), I don’t think you can get much better than this. Slide your shelves into their cabinet and bam! They take up so little space and make your place look bigger. It’s magical.


The Billy is a classic. These shelves are pretty cheap and look great. And since the shelves can be arranged according to your height needs, you can fit your books exactly as you need them.


Bookshelves! In! Corners! Get books in every nook and cranny, my friends.


I would just like to kiss this beautiful design. Perfect for a weird wall with room for furniture underneath.


I’m not entirely sure if this is super space-saving, but it looks cool.


My tips for cramming more books into your home

Here’s how you can get fit more books into a small space:

  • Every surface can be a bookshelf, especially with the help of space-saving bookends.
  • Shelve your books horizontally, rather than vertically, to maximize that vertical space.
  • Pack your books two rows deep. It maybe isn’t the prettiest, and you can’t see the books in the back, but that’s where a bonus trick comes into play: Make a little riser for the back row of books so you can peek at the top of ’em!
  • Put books on the top of your space-saving bookshelves! It’s an extra shelf right there that we normally forget about.


inspiring Space-saving bookshelves

I didn’t mean to fall down this rabbit hole, but I did. Check out some of these great methods for making sure your book collection doesn’t need to go away just because you’re lacking in space.

The Pin

So. Many. Pretty. Homes.

The Pin

The staircase bookshelf is one of my favorites and one of my life goals.

The Pin

The room divider! These shelves are lovely, open on both sides, and create a great faux wall for studio apartments.

The Pin

And don’t forget about the space above your doorways!

The Pin

Basket shelves! Perfect for the odd spaces you want to sneak books, like the kitchen or bathroom, without intrusive, space-eating shelves.

The Pin

Or perhaps the space behind a doorway is perfect for some sneaky shelves.

The Pin

Hallways often don’t have much space for things, but they CAN have space for bookshelves. This one is so pretty.


Extra help

If you’re the crafty type, you could DIY bookshelves to fit your specific needs. And then, once you’ve got the shelves, we can help you choose how to organize bookshelves with a lot of books. If you’re more of a comics kid, we’ve got tips for that, too.

Go forth and have the most bookish homes, friends!

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