Blast Off! with These Space Books for Babies

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Katie Moench


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From our earliest days, outer space has the possibility to captivate us. From reading Goodnight Moon to staring up at the stars, space can fascinate babies long before they have the words to describe planets or moons. And reading about space can prove entertaining for both babies and their caregivers. Books about space provide great opportunities for bright colors, shiny materials, and new shapes to be introduced, as well as delighting parents with interesting facts. Additionally, exposing young readers, even those who can’t talk yet, to scientific vocabulary and concepts, helps build their awareness of new subjects.

Whether you’re a devoted space enthusiast looking to share your love of the cosmos with your little one, a newbie to the study of the solar system, or are just wanting more variety in baby books about the moon, there’s something in this list for you. Take baby readers on a journey through the planets with a colorful intro to the solar system, blast off with the Space Baby series, or settle down with the lullaby-like Touch the Brightest Star by Christie Matheson. Whatever book you choose, you’ll inspire your little reader to look up and dream of outer space.

Space Books for Babies

Book cover of Hello World Solar System

Hello World! Solar System by Jill McDonald 

With bright colors, simple language, and lots of engaging shapes, this board book is a great introduction to the planets that make up our solar system. Babies will love flipping through each page to see the imaginative illustrations.

MoonLanding book cover

Moon Landing by Campbell Books, Illustrated by Lon Lee

Little astronauts will love this book that’s full of interactive plush surfaces and pull tabs, as well as fun illustrations and moon facts. Get hands-on with the first journey to the moon’s surface in this book!

rocket says look up book cover

Rocket Says Look Up! By Nathan Bryon Illustrated by Dapo Adeola 

While most of the books on this list are board books, this picture book is worth adding to your baby’s collection and reading for years to come. Rocket dreams of flying amongst the stars, but for now, she just wants everyone to come together and watch a comet fly over their neighborhood. Can she turn the attention of her family and friends toward the night sky?


Astronomy (Baby’s Big World) by Alex Fabrizio, Illustrated by Kat Uno

Babies will love seeing space explored by a fellow baby…but this kid has a spacesuit! Follow along as a group of adorable astronomers introduce kids to the topic of space through cute illustrations and simple vocabulary.

Where's the Astronaut?  book cover

Where’s the Astronaut? by Nosy Crow Books, Illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius

This lift-the-flap book (that also has mirrors!) celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing. Babies will love interacting with the story, as well as Arrhenius’ charming illustrations.

Moon: A Peek-Through Board Book book cover

Moon: A Peek-Through Board Book by Britta Teckentrup

With soothing illustrations and animal friends, this board book gently explains the cycle of the moon. With peek-through cutouts that allow babies to glimpse the moon’s phases and soothing drawings of the moon around the world, this is a perfect book to read before bed.

Aerospace Engineering (Baby Loves Series) book cover

Aerospace Engineering (Baby Loves Series) by Ruth Spiro, Illustrated by Irene Chan

If you know an aspiring aerospace engineer (or the parents of one), gift them this witty, board book. The book uses rhymes and colors to connect aerospace concepts to a baby’s world, all while being scientifically accurate!

Touch the Brightest Star book cover

Touch the Brightest Star by Christie Matheson

Another great book for bedtime, this one shows what happens between sunset and sunrise. With gentle text and soft, pastel illustrations, this book helps babies learn not to be scared of the nighttime and helps them wind down at the end of the day.

Space Baby: Out of this World! book cover

Space Baby: Out of this World! by Pat-a-Cake Books, Illustrated by Kat Uno 

With shiny, fold out pages, this first book in the Space Baby series will delight young readers. Take your baby on a journey through outer space, as they blast off to the different planets in the solar system.

Book cover of Nerdy Babies: Space

Nerdy Babies: Space by Emmy Kastner

The Nerdy Babies books are absolutely adorable, and this one is no exception. Aspiring nerds can follow their fellow babies into space, where they’ll hear about orbits and space travel in a Q&A format (that will educate parents too!).

Looking for more great books for baby scientists? Check out these science books for babies. And , we’ve got plenty of books about space to keep readers of all ages entertained!