Seeking Soulful Simplicity

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Yasmin Cole

Staff Writer

Yasmin is a school librarian who studied Fine Arts, majoring in painting, at university. She enjoys reading YA and Junior Fiction, Fantasy Fiction and books on minimalism and simplicity. When she isn’t working or reading (both which involve books), Yasmin loves to get her hands dirty in the garden, or cooking artisan pizzas in the kitchen. Yasmin lives in country Victoria, Australia.

Soulful SimplicitySoulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More is a book for those of us who are seeking simplicity. Courtney Carver, Author of Soulful Simplicity, had been living a life which was rushed. She was working long hours to make more money, in order to buy more things for herself and her family. However, an unexpected health crisis provided a wakeup call and changed her outlook on life. Carver realised that things needed to change. Gradually she simplified her schedule and her home. Then she cleared her debt. Finally, she prioritised her health and time spent with her family.

Seeking Simplicity? Follow these steps

Soulful Simplicity tells the story of the changes that Carver made in her life and why. It lays out a plan for how we can make these changes, if we too are seeking simplicity. The book is broken into four sections: Making Me, with tips on health and well-being; Making Space, with ideas for simplifying your home; Making Time, with advice on how to simplify your schedule; and Making Love, focusing on honouring connection and family.

Carver’s writing comes from the heart. It is an honest look at her struggle to simplify her life and the reasons that she has chosen this path. Soulful Simplicity is inspiring. Here we see a real human being, with the same struggles as the rest of us, quietly encouraging us to live an authentic life. However, as Carver reminds us, simplicity itself is not the goal. Rather “We don’t remove the clutter, reduce the stress and boycott busyness to have a simple life. We do it to have a life.”

If you are seeking simplicity, this book contains an action plan for how you might achieve it. Quite simply, Soulful Simplicity is a call to live our best lives, whatever they may be.