Small Child Dressed Up Like IT is Scariest Thing Ever: Critical Linking, September 5

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No need to bury the lede here. Mississippi teen Eagan Tilghman put his 3-year-old brother to excellent use by dressing him as a miniature Pennywise from It. The results are…my god, they’re startling.


Wednesday night, Twitter came to my door with a take-out bag of “No Thanks” marked: Two Dudes decide to make an all-female version of Lord of the Flies.

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And I sighed heavily and thought, “Oh. Really?”

Because I’m fairly certain I wrote a book like that in 2011. It’s a satire called Beauty Queens, and it follows a group of girls — teen beauty contestants in this case — who are stranded on an island and thus removed from the patriarchal rules that shape their daily lives.

Seriously, what we really need is a Beauty Queens movie.

In 1971, a young high school English teacher named Susan Vreeland visited the Louvre and left with a pledge to make art her life’s companion — “to fill my mind with rich, glorious, long-established culture wrought by human desire, daring and faith.”

Once filled, her mind spun out a string of novels, blending visual art, literature and fiction, several that became New York Times bestsellers and established Vreeland as one of San Diego’s most admired authors. Her novel “Girl in Hyacinth Blue” inspired the 2003 television movie “Brush with Fate,” starring Glenn Close and Ellen Burstyn.

Susan Vreeland has died.

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