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Slow Down Your Reading With These Adorable Sloth Bookmarks

We’ve all seen the meme about how bookmarks are for quitters. But realistically? Most of us have to put a book down to do something. Moreover, sometimes taking a book slow is exactly what you crave. Do you know what animal takes it slow and makes for the perfect reading companion? The answer: the sloth. Enter: your perfect sloth bookmarks.

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I’ve included a wide variety of bookmarks below, including magnetic bookmarks, personalized bookmarks, and more. Keep your pages safe with these cute, easy-going creatures. Prices range from super affordable to a little more indulgent.

Sweet Sloth Bookmarks


This is an adorable and realistic sloth bookmark for when you, too, are having a sloth day. $30.



This little magnetic sloth guy will hang onto your pages well. $5.50.



I love wooden bookmarks, and this wooden bookmark is no exception. $5.



This metal dangling sloth is just hanging around inside the pages of your current read. $9.50.



Add some personalization to your sloth. How perfectly nerdy and bookish is this one? $17.50.



What a lovely shade of gray for this ribbon bookmark. $11.



How about a bookmark that doubles as a calendar? You can choose from a number of adorable sloths for the front of the bookmark, along with a 2019 or 2020 calendar on the back. $8 and up.



What a great message with a cute sloth. $4.75 and up.



This miniature sloth sculpture is attached to a piece of leather cord and makes for a most adorable bookmark. $26.



This little sloth is made out of metal. $11.



This wooden bookmark is engraved. I cannot with how cute it is. $10.10 and up.



This set of bookmarks is about night time and sleep, and it includes one with an adorable sloth. Bonus: these are downloadable, so you don’t even have to wait for them to arrive in the mail. $5.



This sleepy sloth with balloons is also magnetic. $8.



Is it me, or does this sloth look perfectly annoyed? I love it. $12.



This sloth magnetic bookmark is just hanging around. $3.50.



Last, but not least, here’s a sweet sloth with a rainbow. $5.



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