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Six Books to Reach Your Reading Goal

Emma Nichols

Staff Writer

Emma Nichols is a career bookseller. Though she expected to grow up to be a librarian, or a witch, she's quite happy with how things are working out. Officially, she specializes in children's books and manages their book fairs; unofficially, she is passionate about short stories and spreadsheets. When not evangelizing her favorite books to unsuspecting customers, she can be heard discussing books and bookselling on her podcast Drunk Booksellers. Her other hobbies include organizing her books, taking pictures of her cat, and binge-re-watching her favorite TV shows. Blog: The Bibliot Twitter: @thebibliot

So you set yourself a reading goal, which you still haven’t reached, but now it’s December and you’re kind of freaking out?

Whether your goal was to read 5 books or 500 this year, we’re in the last stretch, it’s the final countdown. But not to worry. Below I’ve listed 6 wonderful books that can be read quickly. I’ve narrowed my reviews down to a single sentence & a gif—there is no time to waste.

We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

An essential feminist text that will take less than an hour to read.


Wicked + Divine vol. 1 by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie

In this comic, teens find out they’re gods (gods = pop stars), but also they only have 2 more years to live; a fascinating exploration of celebrity culture, mythology, and teen angst.


Relish by Lucy Knisley

A graphic memoir composed of only food-related vignettes, plus it includes delicious and adorably illustrated recipes.


Cosmopolis by Don Delillo

An amusing and unnerving look at one day in the life of a philosophical, possibly sociopathic billionaire who just wants to get a haircut; also it was made into a movie starring Robert Pattinson.


Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

Many have travelled to Area X and no one has truly returned; what exactly is going on in this paranormal soaked, mold-covered remote terrain?


The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In a Ship of Her Own Making by Cat Valente
(because I can’t not recommend this book at every opportunity)

A Wizard of Oz-like tale of a badass little girl going on adventures and meeting countless fantastical creatures—also she topples the government of a wicked ruler (like you do).


I read all these books in less than 2 days each (sometimes it only took an hour) and I loved each of them. I hope you enjoy them too. Now tell me, what reading goal are you racing to complete and what books do you recommend to reach that goal?