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SHAKE It Up With These 13 Fun Shakespeare Stickers

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If ever a month were the month to celebrate the written word, it’s April. Between celebrating poetry in all of its forms and Shakespeare’s birthday, there’s just a lot to love about literature. Perhaps one way to celebrate the season is to showcase your love of all things Bard with a little swag…perhaps in the form of Shakespeare stickers.

Find below a collection of fun, clever, and even punny Shakespeare stickers. You’ll want to pop ’em on your water bottles, your laptops, your notebooks, and anywhere else that needs a little more literary love.

If stickers aren’t enough, don’t miss out on these sweet Shakespeare cross-stitch patterns.

Shaking It Up With Shakespeare Stickers

Shine on with this “To thine own self be true” sticker. $4.

It sure is, Billy. $4 and up.

“Alas, poor Yorick” is one of my all-time favorite Shakespeare lines. $3.

Absolutely here for this ombre instrument declaring love to music. $4.

A Shakespeare love quote sticker from Hamlet for the romantics out there. $2.50 and up.

Maybe you just need a framed image of Shakespeare himself. $3.50.

A great message with a beautiful full and flowering heart. $3.

Ophelia speaks of rosemary, fennel, and daisy, and this sticker is Ophelia holding all of her flowers out in a fun holograph style. $5.

Some Much Ado About Nothing stickers. $3 and up.

“And though she be but little, she is fierce” is made an even more impactful statement with the flowers and leaves. $3.25.

For all of the witchy vibes folks among us. $3.

For the love of Shakespurr. $4.

Another favorite Shakespeare quote sticker: “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” $4.