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All The Shakespeare Mugs

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To buy all the Shakespeare mugs or not to buy all the Shakespeare mugs, that is the question: Whether tis nobler in the—no, okay, I’m gonna stop there. You get it. *insert relevant Shakespeare quote here* But let’s be honest, you’re a total nerd for the Bard and definitely need all these mugs.

Shakespearean Insult Mugs

Take no prisoners with this “Thou Art A Flesh Monger” mug from LibertyDesignsShop. Starting at $20.

Get ready for a battle of wits with this mug from Book Lovers Merch. Look, it’s pretty much the coolest dis ever and ends an argument before it even begins. $13.

What more is there to say than: “What, You Egg”? The mug from Real People Goods already says it all. Starting at $22.

Shakespeare Quote Mugs

Keep it real with this Hamlet “To Thine Own Self Be True” mug from Literary Lodge. $19.

Romeo and Juliet may not have a pretty ending, but this “Violent Delights” mug from TheLoathsomeToad is almost pretty enough to make up for it. $17.

Show off your love of the Bard with this Othello Mug from SeikeiDesigns. Starting at $18.

For all the cute shorties out there, this “Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce” mug from Bookishly UK is the perfect way to show off your pride anytime someone tries to make joke about not being able to reach the top shelves. $18.

Feeling weird? Rock a Weird Sisters mug from Dorothy Reads on Society6, perfect for the spooky season or any general witchy vibes you might be going for. $17.

Cast a plague on all your enemies houses with this Romeo and Juliet mug from Mirkwood Scribes. $19.

The perfect dreamy Hamlet aesthetic is just a click away with this “Perchance to Dream” mug from Débora Cabral  on Society6. $17.

We all know what the best stage direction of all time is, so why not show it off with this Exit, Pursued By Bear Mug from Rossome Gifts? $18+.

Are you meme enough for this very Tumblr “To Quote Hamlet” mug from Styled Just For You? $21 and up.

Literary and theater nerds alike will swoon over the entirety of the“To Be or Not To Be” soliloquy printed on a mug from Chandler Lasch on Society6. $17.

Take a page out of Puck’s book on those days when you’re just over it with a “What Fools These Mortals Be” mug from Elise Le B on Society6. $17.

Shakespeare Plays and Other Mugs

Go with a classic play and a classic feel in this Romeo and Juliet mug from Universal Zone. $16.

Love Shakespeare but can’t always remember his stats? With this William Shakespeare Mug from Bookishly UK you’ll never forget the Bard’s birthday again! For $18.

How many Shakespeare deaths is too many Shakespeare deaths? No such thing wiht this iconic Shakespeare deaths mug from E.G. Stuart on Society6. $17.

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