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Shakespeare Cross-Stitch Patterns Are Indeed Violent Delights

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Shakespeare may have foretold that violent delights have violent ends, but when it comes to stabbing canvas with a needle and thread, it’s simply not true. Indeed, a good cross-stitch project brings about both the violent delight and a delightful end. As we come to the end of April, wherein every year we celebrate the Bard in all of his myriad manifestations, why not pick up some Shakespeare cross-stitch patterns? Find below an array of patterns from all of the genres of Shakespeare’s finest (and if you want more bookish craftiness, check out our collection of literary cross-stitch patterns, Lit Stitch: 25 Cross-Stitch Patterns for Book Lovers).

These are all instant downloads via Etsy, so you don’t even need to wait to get needling.

Shakespeare Cross-Stitch Patterns

This Othello cross-stitch will keep you busy for a while. It’s really eye-catching, too. $9.

For beginners, try out this “Though she be little, she is fierce” cross-stitch. $4.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” Indeed. $4.50.

Thanks, Hamlet! $4.

This sassy cross-stitch is great: “Stop making drama. You’re not Shakespeare.” $4.50.

Always a fun one: “To quote Hamlet Act III, Scene iii, Line 87 — ‘No’“. $4.50.

Something wicked this way comes.” $6.

One of the funniest, most bizarre Shakespeare lines from A Winter’s Tale: “Exit, pursued by a bear.”$3.35.

It’s a mini Shakespeare library! $6.50.

Oh Lady Macbeth! Always so very wise. So very Slytherin. $2.25.

Is Billy Shakes your homeboy? You’ll want to declare it brightly. $6.

From As You Like It. $6.

Looking for a project to keep you busy for a bit? Why not try out this cross stitch of Puck’s final speech in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. $8.75.

Stitch the handsome devil himself. $9.

Shakespearian insults are fantastic. $3.50.

From Much Ado About Nothing: “There was a star danced, and under that I was born.” $5.25.

If music be the food of love, play on” from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. $4.

Prospero, prospero! $4.30.

This might be my favorite of the bunch. Beautifully witchy, spooky, Halloween vibes for this Macbeth witches cross stitch. $6.

Itching for more bookish cross stitch? Have at these 70 badass literary cross stitch patternsmore literary cross stitch, and, of course, Harry Potter cross stitch. Pre-order our literary cross stitch book, Lit Stitch: 25 Cross Stitch Patterns for Book Lovers!

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