What Kind Of SFF Hero Are You?

There may only be one Hero’s Journey, but there are many ways to be a hero. Sharifah and I recently recorded the 100th episode (!!!!) of the SFF Yeah! podcast, all about some of our favorite heroes and villains, and it got me thinking. While I limited myself to just two types of heroes on the show, for the sake of time constraints, I can think of a lot more heroes and a lot more types of heroes than I got to talk about! Which brings us to today’s SFF hero quiz. What kind of hero are you? 

Are you the plucky upstart, or have you been training for this your whole life? Did you just sort of fall into heroing, or were you pushed? Are your motives entirely your own, or are you in it for the greater good? 

There’s the answer we’d like to get, and then there’s the truth — do they match up? Come along with me on a quest and find out! At each turn, you’ll have to make a choice. Whatever you choose, don’t worry too much, because as you’ll see at the end of your journey, you’ll be in good company. Whatever your flaws and whatever your hero style, there’s a protagonist out there waiting for you to pull up a chair and join them.

Are you ready? Onward!