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Sex Is Cool, But Where’s the Food in Romance?: Critical Linking: January 9, 2020

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“And so it seems obvious that food should play a big role in any love story, but somehow it’s often left out of romance novels. The star-crossed characters meet for a dinner, but you rarely hear what they eat. Or they’re so caught up in whatever fantastic plot of events will eventually seal their affections that they seem to forget to eat at all. Between sex scenes, can’t a bodice-ripper let its heroine bust out of her bodice thanks to a nice meal for a change?”

Food is life, yo.

“The iconic Chilean author Isabel Allende will publish her latest novel, A Long Petal of the Sea, on Jan. 21. Ahead of the release of the decades-spanning epic, which tells the story of two young people who make Chile their new home in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, Allende reflects on the books that influenced her life — and which of her own novels she’d like to see on the big screen.”

The reads that inspired a most inspiring writer.

“Ever wish you could read in the car, in the dark, or in a bathtub? After seeing these genius bookworm hacks, you’ll be able to do all three — possibly at once! You’ll also know how to return your library books on time, create more space for books in your home, and have an overall more productive day as a bookworm. Check out the list below.”

Who knew book piracy was sometimes a good thing?