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7 Great Author Visits to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Kim Ukura

Staff Writer

Kim Ukura is a book lover, recovering journalist, library advocate, cat mom, and lover of a good gin cocktail. In addition to co-hosting Book Riot’s nonfiction podcast, For Real, and co-editing Book Riot’s nonfiction newsletter, True Story, Kim spends her days working in communications at a county library system in the Twin Cities area. Kim has a BA in English and journalism from a small liberal arts college in Minnesota, and a master’s in journalism from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. When not getting to bed before 10 p.m., Kim loves to read nonfiction, do needlework projects, drink tea, and watch the Great British Baking Show. Instagram: @kimthedork Twitter: @kimthedork

When Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart ended their runs on The Colbert Report and The Daily Show earlier this year, book lovers (and, really, everyone else) mourned the loss of these two amazing comedians on late night television. Bookish folks, in particular, had reason to be sad because both shows did an amazing job highlighting great books and authors. Just check out the book lists from both shows — The Daily Show and the The Colbert Report — to see some examples.

Although we don’t know many details about what Jon Stewart will be doing next, Stephen Colbert has been kicking butt as the new host of The Late Show on CBS. And luckily for all of us, he’s shown a commitment to including authors and interesting thinkers as his guests each night. Here are seven of my favorite author segments so far:

Dr. Eugenia Cheng

Pure mathematics is “the most delicious kind of mathematics.” Dr. Cheng is really excited about math and baking. I can’t wait to read her book.

Stephen King

Most of Stephen King’s early critics are dead now, so he’s basically won writing.

John Irving

John Irving has had a boring life, but likes to do awful things to the characters in his 14 books.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is charming in every situation, even when she is making fun of people.

Jonathan Franzen

Jonathan Franzen has a hard time being charming in any situation. But at least he likes to watch FOX NFL Sunday?

Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein’s comedy benefited from her experience as a musician.

Stacy Schiff

Stacy Schiff makes a pretty great cat. Both Schiff and Colbert agree hanging is better than burning at the stake.

Thank you, Stephen Colbert, for continuing to be awesome and continuing to promote great books. What authors would you love to see on his show?