Authors Lend Their Storytelling Talents to #secondcivilwarletters Hashtag

I became aware of the #secondcivilwarletters hashtag Tuesday after seeing several of my favorite authors’ contributions. If you didn’t catch it, the hashtag was a mocking response to a certain conspiracy theorist claiming democrats were planning to start the Second Civil War on July 4th. (Yes, I’m actively omitting his name and any links.)

These authors lent their storytelling chops to this hilarious hashtag!

The always-awesome Beverly Jenkins continues to amaze by packing so much into her contribution.

BookEnds is a literary agency, but I couldn’t leave them out of this roundup!

(I’m assuming that’s because they’re all playing on their phones instead #optimist)

I am here for all the taco truck references!

Lastly, Shiloh Walker captured my feelings after an hour of scrolling through the hashtag: