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10 Great Science Fiction Trope Tees on Etsy

Wearing what you love is a longstanding tradition of geekdom. It is a tradition I enjoy. It is a tradition I embrace.

That said, I don’t always love to marry myself to a specific franchise. There are various reasons for this. For one, any time I start seeing t-shirts for a particular series, I also start to feel that the fandom must be becoming mainstream, in which case the fandom feels less remarkable or worth declaring. On the other hand, a fandom too small to be recognized seems snobby and pointless to wear.

Also, when it really comes down to it, I love so many different shows and books with such a passion that very few of those stand out to me as wear-worthy over the others—why this one, and not that one? I start to feel  I need a shirt for everything. So instead I have t-shirts for nothing.

It’s possible I’m thinking about this too hard.

All the same, I still love a good science fiction t-shirt. And there are plenty of tees out there that celebrate the genre’s tropes at large, without weighing a girl down with the burdens of any specific fandom.

Half the fun of any genre is embracing the tropes! (The other half of the fun is breaking the tropes.)

So let’s celebrate these science fiction trope tees.

Grab one of these great tropey tees from Etsy:

1. Three Laws of Robotics

The foundation of all robot literature everywhere.

3 laws of robotics tee

2. The Pensive AI

See how advanced s/he is? Clearly s/he is burdened by great ideas and thoughts.

pensive AI tee shirt

3. The Laser Gun

Pew! Zing! Zap! Pow!

laser gun t-shirt

4. The Evolution of Life

And also of undeath.

evolution of life t-shirt

5. Evading the FCC

Wash out that dirty mouth.

sci fi curses t-shirt

6. Take Me to Your Leader

Because you don’t have time to mess around.

take me to your leader t-shirt

7. Plausible Deniability

For when you don’t want to be responsible for your actions.

this is my clone t-shirt

8. Spaceship Timeline

A history of ships, accounting for time travel.

spaceship timeline t-shirt

9. Unicorn Abduction

Who says you can’t mix genres?

unicorn abduction t-shirt

10. Dinosaur Astronaut

Just go with it.

dinosaur astronaut t-shirt

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