QUIZ: Shop at a Scholastic Book Fair and We’ll Guess How Cool You Were in School

Ah, the Scholastic Book Fair. For many of us, it brings on a wave of nostalgia for a time when you could buy infinite books with ten dollars. Scholastic Book Fairs were a magical experience for a young book lover. Even kids who weren’t avid readers enjoyed the interruption to their school day and seeing their school library transformed into a store full of shiny new books and brightly colored erasers. Return to those glorious days with our Scholastic Book Fair quiz below and we’ll guess how cool you were in elementary school.

Were you a big nerd or queen of the lunch room? Your nostalgic book choices will reveal the truth. So grab your Jansport backpack, your plastic pencil box, and the money your parents gave you for the book fair this morning, because we’re heading to the library.

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