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Quiz: What Book Should You Read Based On Your Schitt’s Creek Life?

Courtney Rodgers


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Schitt’s Creek is the little Canadian Sitcom that could. Sadly, it ended last year. Happily, that means the entirety of the show is on Netflix (U.S.). I’m a re-watcher, I find comfort in experiencing shows I know and love. After hesitantly watching Schitt’s Creek while preparing for my brother’s wedding in February 2020 (weddings, remember those?) I found myself returning several times over the past year. Schitt’s Creek, both the show and the fictional town, became my little escape. There’s so much to love. If you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek yet, I suggest you go watch all of it right now before continuing here.

The Rose family is outlandish. They wear couture to go trash picking. They decorate their motel room with wigs. They order raw milk as a business investment. The Roses remind me of Arrested Development’s Bluth Family (hello, another comfort re-watch) with their sudden loss of wealth, high-volume dramatics, and singular level-headed family member. Watching the Rose family grow close, bonding over the difficulties of living in a motel, and rejoicing in one another’s triumphs brought many a happy tear to my eyes. From beginning to end, we get to see the family’s journey and the way Schitt’s Creek changed the Roses. 

The town itself is tiny with one restaurant and no apparent bookstore. Missing bookstore aside, Schitt’s Creek seems like a fantastic place to live. The residents love their town, eagerly participating in local politics, welcoming new businesses and friends with open arms. While everyone may not always get along — ahem Ronnie and Patrick — everyone seems to at least try to look out for each other. Schitt’s Creek is not presented as a utopia, but rather the small town that we all wish we could live in (I would need that book store before I moved to town.) 

The world of Schitt’s Creek is presented without homophobia, racism, or other hateful jokes which you might expect from a similar show or setting. This conscious choice from creators Dan and Eugene Levy helped create the warm, homey feeling the show gives. 

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