Critical Linking

Scandal is the Byron Family Legacy: Critical Linking, April 19, 2020

Vanessa Diaz

Managing Editor

Vanessa is a writer, reader and generally bookish Latina from San Diego. If loving Agatha Christie is wrong, she doesn't want to be right. Vanessa’s penchant for books, travel and tea is rivaled only by her serious addictions to milk, avocado and floral lattes. When not reading books or selling them, she can be found blogging, working on her first novel or cozying up at a library.

Critical Linking is a daily roundup of the most interesting bookish links from around the web sponsored by our Debbie Macomber prize pack giveaway! Enter here.

“But he was not the only Byron to have forged a questionable sexual career – the name already carried the weight of certain unfortunate and immoral connotations. When he inherited his family title and estates in 1798 aged just ten, the recent history of the Byrons was already littered with adultery, elopement, illegitimacy and incest.”

*clutches pearls*

“Without the thrill of travel, frequent fliers are turning to new ways to experience their favorite places from home—and for those unacquainted with the idea of staying in one place, activities like yoga, reading, and coloring offer proven therapeutic value. In the past decade, adult coloring books in particular have become increasingly popular—touted in various clinical studies for their ability to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and generate a positive mood. And even if it’s just to have some fun while getting your eyes off of a screen, it’s worth giving coloring a try. Whether you’re looking to explore the depths of the Pacific, the world’s biggest cities, or just some quirky roadside attractions, here are the nine best adult coloring books to help you travel vicariously. And if you don’t have them in your house already, we suggest stocking up on colored pencils and a sharpener—nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned box of Crayola.”

I’ll just be over here coloring my cares away.

“No big-trip tickets? No reservations at a hip new bistro? No problem. When you can’t eat your way around the world, the next best thing might be pulling a stool up to your kitchen counter and cracking open a globetrotting, gastro-obsessed book. From culinary memoirs (with recipes on the side) to a comic novel that gorges on Italian cooking, these 10 books should satisfy your hunger for words—and the food destinations beyond your doorstep.”

Ah yes, I remember the days of travel and restaurants.